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How long does the average re-roof take?

The full process usually takes 2-5 days. Of course this does depend on the size of the roof and any specific details that may be unique to your roof requirements. We always communicate with our clients throughout the process and will endeavour to give you an accurate time frame of when we expect the job to be completed. We are also dictated by the weather. We will only remove the material that we plan to replace that day so you can be rest assured your roof will only remain uncovered for a short period.

What can be done if there is damaged timber?

If, upon removal of your existing roof we discover any rotten or damaged timber. We will supply and repair/replace rotten or deteriorated timber where required. At the time of the quote, we are usually able to tell if timber work will be required due to a number of tell tale signs. Repairs of this nature are itemised in our quotation, but are free of charge. If we come across major timber damage, we will request that you arrange a builder of your choice to establish what needs to be done, or we can arrange this for you, with a number of reputable and licensed building practitioners that we work with on a regular basis.  

Do you have any terms/conditions for payment?

Upon acceptance of our quote, to secure dates that will be suitable to commence your job, we do require a 50% deposit. This will ensure we can place an order for any materials required for your job and give us an assurance that you are committed to us completing the job for you. The remaining amount is to be paid within 7 days upon completion of the job.

Can I convert my tiled roof into longrun?

Yes, definitely. This is a common conversion and one that Mount Roof Services is very experienced in. We can remove the existing tiles and install any new timber work required to suit the new roof line.

Do you charge a Call Out Fee for after hours/weekend work?

Urgent maintenance/repair work that is requested outside of normal business hours or during weekends without prior discussion will incur and extra $180 (excluding GST) fee. There are certain circumstances where this fee can be waived, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you require access to the inside of the house?

No, generally not. However we do occasionally require a power supply - which can be arranged by an extension lead through a window. 

What's the best kind of long run roof?

Different home designs, pitch of the roof and the location of your home often determine the type of roofing and coating required for your warranty to be validated. We can help you determine the most preferable profile for your home.

Can you put insulation in the roof cavity at the same time as installing our new roof?

Yes, we do this on a regular basis. It's the perfect time to install insulation while the roof is off. We also stand by our superior insulation product that we use, which comes with a 70 year warranty and stops up to 70% of heat transfer. See our products page for more information.

Can you clean out our gutters?

Yes, this is at the time of re-roofing at no extra charge. We also do a full ground clean up so at the end of your job it was like we were never there!