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All roof systems need to be replaced after a period of time. Many people are concerned about the price of re-roofing - but taking into account the overall aesthetics of the building and potential damage a leaking roof can cause, the benefits far out way the costs. We can take care of your full roof replacement. 

From site preparation, such as organising scaffolding and edge protection, through to a full site clean up which includes the removal and disposal of existing materials and making sure your property is as tidy as it was when we arrived.

Whether its replacing existing corrugate or updating your old tired tiles with a modern, long lasting product, Mount Roof Services can take care of it.

We are committed to communicating with you or your project manager throughout the entire process, so you are kept informed on the progress and expected completion time. 
We will send through before and after photos, so you can see your new roof in it's entirety (unless you really want to jump up the ladder and look!) and your new roof will come complete with cleaned out gutters. We also offer a free service of repairing and replacing any minor timber work that may need to be undertaken, as well as fixing extra timber if this is required. 

Signs that you need a new roof: 

  • Dark patches on ceilings and/or mould and water ingress
  • Lead head nails rolling off the roof and visible signs of rust
  • A crinkle sound when walking on the roof, especially on short lapped sheets.
  • Metal tiles are lifting and grit washing off
  • Cracked and/or broken concrete tiles

The Benefits of Re-Roofing

Mount Roof Services will ensure that your new roof is energy efficient, lasts longer and enhances the look of your home or building. We'll help you chose from our roofing products to find a roof type and colour scheme that suits your taste. Re-roofing is a great time to insulate your roof space, remove asbestos from your roof and clean or clear gutters, It's also an opportunity to modernise your home, change the colour scheme or give it a completely new look with a contemporary long run roof  

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a specialised product to deal with and needs to be removed by an approved contractor. We work closely with an approved contractor who provides a prompt service at an exceptionally low price. 

Re - Pitching

You might also consider re-pitching your roof at this time. You can engage a builder of your choice, or if its a minor change we can often get one of our roofers to do this while they re-roof your home. With Andre's building background he will be able to tell you more about the process.

New Purlins

Timber purlins are what roofs are typically fixed to. Existing purlins are sometimes affected by rot, especially on older and usually leaky roofs that we are replacing or repairing. If our roofers become aware of this when the existing roof is being removed, upon discovery of degraded timber we will replace this, usually free of charge.